Friday, October 29, 2010

I feel about you.

There’s always someone you care about, who doesn’t know your there but when it comes to talking to her the chances are so rare. You always seem to be thinking of her when you close your eyes, so as you sleep time doesn’t seem to pass by.

I don’t really understand why this has to be but the way I feel about you is oh so clear to me.

Teach me please?

It's the middle of the night, my eyes stare into nothingness. Hoping to find some light, peering into the vastly blackness. Not sure what to do next, questions flooding my consciousness. Tiny pins of needle pricking my heart, leaving me breathless.

Reality slowly creeping in, numbing me it is time to let go. To move on away from you to some far place I don't know. Loving you has not been easy neither is breaking up with you. Knowing you have someone else tells me what I should do.

So many things left undone and words unspoken. Dreams has been shattered, promises has been broken. Years spent in sweet togetherness suddenly apart. Time is not enough to mend my ailing heart.

Teach me how to be brave so I can live a life without you. Place a soft tune in my head and a smile in my heart too. Help me raise my chin up high so I can face the world again. Hope flicker in my heart as I look into the future one more time.

I'm just gonna be me.

I have a future but I have no past. The only thing I have is the present. The thing I do know is the thing I'm best at. So don't be jealous, don't be envious. I'm trying to be me and no one else.

Please go away!

Emotions run deep I feel them in the shy. I feel so empty that my hearts stars to cry. My love is gone and the passions no more. To feel the love of the person I once adored.

I lie in bed and let the pain seep through that once. Intertwined me and you, I try to have happiness but the pain won’t. Let go I feel myself dying and dying real slow. Now that in dying I just want to say that in my next life this pain goes away.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Is priceless to me.

You are my friend and that is true but the gift was given from me to you. We went thru moments that were good and bad. Even moments that were happy and sad. You suported me when i was in tears, we stuck together when we were in fear. Miles away can't keep us apart, cause you'll always be in my heart.

Thanks a lot friends.

Thanks a lot for your wishes on birthday, present and also a beautiful cupcakes. Thank you for making my birthday truly memorable. Thanks a lot friends. I love you!

Lonely words if I tell lies.

First time on facebook, a lonely post on the wall. First time with a poem, a lonely comment below. First time on chat, a lonely sad face. I hate you, never comes back. A stare in the eye, never is enough.

Only with lonely words, have you read and comment. Until those words have voice, until the creator is seen. This are lonely words to speak. A lonely word like goodbye. Like the fans spinning on the roof. The full moon in the sky, like a dirty sock in the boot.

This lips are lonely till they meet yours. This arms are hopeless till they hold mine. This voice is empty without your name sighed. This are lonely words if I tell lies.